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Patient Stories

"Getting a colonoscopy was at first very intimating, but after it was done and over, I didn't even know I had one, that'[s how easy Dr. Hughes made it!"

“Dr. Boynton was caring and compassionate; he “listened” to me, and answered my questions before and after surgery.”

"I never realized how quickly and easily those veins disappeared!" Both Dr. Rough and Diana were the best. I'd recommend Dr.Rough any day!"


“I immediately liked Chris A  and Dr. Boynton who facilitated the meeting and Dr Boynton  made a joke, which put me at ease. They have a great team. They saved my life."

"Dr. Boynton saved my life. He successfully performed gastric bypass on me about 3 years ago. His office was fantastic in facilitating appointments. I would highly recommend Dr. Boynton to anyone who may be need of his expertise." 

"You should see my legs now! THANK YOU, Dr. Rough"

"Dr. Boynton helped me turn my life around. I had gastric bypass surgery about 3 years ago and I am so thankful for all of the help I received from his office and staff. Dr. Boynton is very attentive in answering all of your questions and taking time to listen to you as well. I highly recommend Dr. Boynton and I have referred friends to him as well."

"Dr. Hughes explained everything from beginning to end. He even gave me options for my bowel prep. I liked that alot. I felt like I played a role in my own care."